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Netflix Review

Netflix is an extremely popular and fast-growing streaming platform, initially found in 1997 and released on Android in 2011. The platforms offer HD streaming of movies and TV-shows both from other creators and Netflix originals.

Design and navigation: Trendy Notes

The design of Netflix on Android is impressive: it successfully combines functionality, simplicity, and style. The movies are presented with previews, the overlays and subtitles do not distract from watching, and the streaming itself is smooth. It is also very easy to navigate in the app, as it is well-structured and intuitive. No one will face problems with finding a necessary show and hitting the play. Adjusting and customizing the subtitles is easy, so we may say that the Netflix app is well-designed.

Features and usability: Behind the Curtains

There are many features in Netflix, starting from watching movies and shows and ending with customization of subtitles or adding needed shows to your lists. There are also smart recommendations based on your preferences and options to skip intros of most series. Despite the amount of features, most of them are hidden behind the curtains, which is good for usability. The app does not scream that it can show you the subtitles or pick content for you. The app just does it. You stumble upon a helpful feature only when you might need it, making the app not only capable but very user friendly as well.

Security: Protect Your Account

Netflix, as any popular platform, which holds your data, is vulnerable to hacker attacks. The company has been part in some data breach controversies, but if you properly protect your account, you will most probably be safe. We recommend setting a strong password and using the log-out of all devices feature from time to time.

Verdict: One of the Best

Many companies have seen the success of Netflix and try to repeat it. However, Netflix remains the best streaming platform available. It allows you to watch popular shows and movies with subtitles and in high quality. There are also great exclusive shows available, so it is at least worth trying.


  • A lot of content, including Netflix originals
  • Subtitles for many languages
  • Smart feed, suggesting content based on your preferences
  • High quality of shows and movies, even the old ones.


  • The company has been part in several security controversies
  • The price of $12.99 per month is comparably high.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10

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