WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger
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WhatsApp Messenger Review: Stay Connected 24/7 with Quick, Smart, and Comfy Messaging App

WhatsApp is a messenger app for mobile devices, owned by Facebook and initially released in 2009. The amount of users has reached a number of 2 billion, making WhatsApp the most popular messenger in the world.

Design and navigation: For Everyone

WhatsApp, unlike TikTok and Snapchat, is popular between all generations. Therefore, the app is designed in a convenient way both for young and elderly people: it is very simple and intuitive. You can switch between chats in single taps, make calls, and text to your contacts in several seconds, and all the other features are also easily accessible.

The user interface is pretty simple and not overloaded: the main chat section offers only the list of recent chats and options to search for a specific chat or message. All the attachment features appear after hitting the plus button inside a chat, which is a perfect structure not to make elderly people struggle with the interface.

Features and usability: All You Might Need

WhatsApp offers dozens of features, which are especially convenient for contacting friends or relatives. The app has texts, voice messages, voice, and video calls, and content sharing options. Most of the features work properly and allow you to chat or share something. No matter is that a single person or a group of people. You can share almost everything in WhatsApp, whether it is a video, a photo, a document, geolocation, or contact. And last but not least, WhatsApp's popularity gives it a great advantage over its competitors, as most of your friends and relatives are likely already using this particular application.

Security: Partial

Facebook cares for the security of its apps and services; this is true. WhatsApp offers encryption for messages, which means they are pretty secure, and only the sender and receiver are able to decode them. On the other hand, the data backups on your phone are not encrypted, making it vulnerable. The huge base of users also attracts hackers, and there is a lot of malware online, which tries to steal your data.

Verdict: Great for Personal Use

WhatsApp is probably the best messenger available for personal use, as it is functional, a lot of people are using it, and it is pretty safe. However, this app would not be the best choice for business chats, as the information is not 100% secure.


  • WhatsApp offers all the necessary features for communication
  • Huge user base: your friends and relatives are most likely using it already
  • Message encryption is a built-in feature.


  • The huge user base attracts hackers and scammers
  • Sometimes, fake news is massively spread through WhatsApp.

Interface 8

Key Features 9

Usability 8

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  • Good service WhatsApp has been an ex excellent way to keep connected. I really enjoy this service to talk and share with friends around de world.
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  • Pretty good still learning how to use it though I am hoping to find and make friends and gaming people
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  • I just wanted this app so that I could talk to my friend that is on this app
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