The Hidden Gems and Side-quests of "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" is celebrated for its extensive primary narrative and its vast array of concealed missions and elusive treasures dispersed across the Continent's expansive realm. Every supplementary quest provides distinct hurdles, enriches the detailed mythology, and contributes to intricate character arcs. This article seeks to reveal some of the most captivating and frequently missed escapades available to Geralt. Whether you're a veteran of the Witcher series or a newcomer, these hidden treasures will elevate your gameplay experience.

A Towerful of Mice

A haunting tale set on Fyke Isle, "A Towerful of Mice" pulls players into a mystery involving a cursed tower and its tragic past. As Geralt, players will utilize the Witcher senses to uncover ghosts and unravel the story of love and betrayal. The eerie atmosphere is complemented by the stories of those who once lived there, revealed through phantom apparitions and mystical interactions. Solving this quest provides a deeper understanding of the sorrows that plague the isle and offers significant rewards, including experience points and unique items.

The Cave of Dreams

Located in Skellige, this quest can be unlocked through speaking with Blueboy Lugos. Geralt accompanies a group of warriors as they venture into a mystical cave that is said to manifest the innermost dreams and fears of those who enter it. This journey is filled with complex symbolism and psychological challenges that bring Geralt face to face with his subconscious. Completing this quest contributes to character development and strengthens Geralt's alliances in Skellige, impacting his interactions with the island clans.

Return to Crookback Bog

The Witcher 3

This quest continues the storyline with the Bloody Baron and his family, showcasing the consequences of choices made earlier in the game. When Geralt returns to Crookback Bog, he finds the area enveloped in conflict and decay. This is a powerful narrative about family and redemption that profoundly affects the emotional landscape of the game. Depending on the choices made, the ending varies significantly, providing players with a potent reminder of the impact of their decisions in the virtual world.

Master of the Arena

The Witcher 3

Often missed by players who do not explore Spikeroog in Skellige thoroughly, "Master of the Arena" presents an intriguing challenge in an abandoned arena. Geralt must decide how to handle a local ghost haunting the location where he died dishonorably. Players can lift the curse in various ways, each leading to different outcomes and rewards, adding complexity and moral ambiguity to Geralt's journey. This quest is a brilliant example of how "The Witcher 3" melds folklore with ethical dilemmas.

Equine Phantoms

Available in the "Blood and Wine" expansion, "Equine Phantoms" is a whimsical quest where Geralt explores mysteries involving Roach, his stalwart horse. What stands out in this quest is its light-hearted tone, a pleasant deviation from the often grim themes of the game. Geralt partakes in conversations with Roach, leading to humorous exchanges. This quest provides comic relief and explores the unique bond Geralt shares with his horse, adding depth to his character in a fun, engaging way.

The Secret Life of Count Romilly

The Witcher 3

"The Secret Life of Count Romilly" is a treasure hunt quest found in the "Blood and Wine" expansion. It leads Geralt to the forgotten estate of a once-prominent noble, unveiling the tragic fall of Count Romilly and his family. The quest encapsulates a mini-story filled with puzzles and exploration, culminating in encounters with supernatural guardians that keep the Count's secrets. Unraveling these mysteries brings substantial loot and adds historical layers to the game's expansive lore.


"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" thrives on its intricately woven stories that extend beyond the main narrative. The abundance of side missions signifies the game's commitment to crafting an authentic and dynamic world with depth and emotion. Each unexpected discovery and mission enriches the player's experience and amplifies their immersion in the game's elaborate realm. From humorous escapades to ethical dilemmas and additional lore, the side quests of Witcher 3 make every route Geralt explores as enriching as it is enthralling.

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