Tekken 8 – Lidia Receives First Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco has released a fresh gameplay trailer showcasing Lidia Sobieska, the new DLC character for Tekken 8, slated for a summer release. The trailer showcases Lidia, dubbed the "Warrior Prime Minister," in top form as she delivers rapid and powerful strikes in punches and kicks.

Lidia, who first appeared in Tekken 7, demonstrates a fighting style that combines direct and aggressive tactics with the ability to evade and counter her opponents' assaults adeptly. Her interactions in the game, particularly with characters like Jin Kazama, who was missing in the last installment, and Reina, known for her surprise attacks, add layers to her character development.

One of the highlights of Lidia's abilities shown in the trailer is her Rage Art, which features dramatic red text against a white backdrop, evoking the colors of the Polish flag. Despite her fierce persona, Lidia has a softer side, as seen in her quirky habit of keeping a notebook filled with potential dessert spots she wants to try.

Fans are advised to watch for more updates on Lidia's official release date for Tekken 8, which is currently accessible on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

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