George Miller Hopes to See Hideo Kojima Make a Mad Max Game

George Miller, the acclaimed director, has lent his likeness to a character in the upcoming game "Death Stranding 2: On the Beach." This reflects his strong connection with the gaming world, facilitated by his friendship with Hideo Kojima. Alongside the game's collaboration, Miller's new movie "Furiosa" is also set for release, underlining his active role in both the film and gaming industries.

In a recent conversation during the premiere of "Furiosa," reported by Gamingbible, Miller expressed his views on creating a new "Mad Max" game. Reflecting on the 2015 game by Avalanche Software, he admitted it didn’t meet his expectations despite its popularity. Miller revealed his desire to see a "Mad Max" game developed by Hideo Kojima, acknowledging that Kojima's innovative mind could bring something spectacular to the franchise. However, he realistically noted that with Kojima's current commitments, this collaboration might remain a distant dream.

Miller shared his past experiences with gaming adaptations, highlighting his high standards and preference for quality. He mentioned a game developed alongside the movie "Fury Road," which didn't live up to his hopes. Miller values excellence in creations associated with his name, so he remains cautious about committing unless the output can be of exceptional quality.

While George Miller remains interested in seeing a Kojima-directed "Mad Max" game, the busy slate of Kojima Productions suggests that fans might have to wait longer. The studio is not only focused on releasing "Death Stranding 2: On the Beach" in 2025 but is also engaged in projects with Microsoft and Sony, working on "OD" and "Physint," respectively. This packed schedule underscores Kojima's high demand and expansive vision of the gaming landscape, even as collaborations like the one Miller envisions must be placed on hold.

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