Dragon Quest 12: The Flame of Fate Director Apologizes for Lack of News

In recent years, devotees of the Dragon Quest franchise have faced a lack of fresh information concerning future releases. However, this situation took a turn for the better with a recent announcement about Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake by Square Enix, which outlined the platforms currently supporting its development. Yet, the anticipation continues to build around the next major chapter of the saga, Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate.

During the 38th anniversary of the series, Yoji Horii, Dragon Quest’s co-creator, director, and writer, took the opportunity to address the fans directly on social media. He apologized for the prolonged silence since the game’s announcement in 2021 and offered some insights into the ongoing development process. Horii shared his commitment to making the upcoming game a fitting tribute to his late colleagues, Koichi Sugiyama and Akira Toriyama. Sugiyama, the series' celebrated music composer, passed away in 2021, and Toriyama, the iconic character designer and art director, died earlier this year.

In his message, Horii expressed gratitude for the well wishes he received and acknowledged the concerns surrounding Dragon Quest 12. While he couldn’t divulge many details, he assured fans of his dedication to creating a game that honors the legacies of Sugiyama and Toriyama and promised to put in his utmost effort to deliver on that vision.

Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate is being developed using Unreal Engine 5 and aims to set the course for the series over the next ten to twenty years. Precise release dates and platform details remain under wraps, with recent discussions hinting at development challenges and potential delays.

As the Dragon Quest community waits for further news, the anticipation for what promises to be a monumental installment in the series continues to grow, fueled by Horii's heartfelt commitment to honoring the past while forging a future for this cherished RPG saga.

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