Baldur’s Gate 3 PS5 Deluxe Edition Shipments Delayed in Nort America Until July

Earlier in the year, Larian Studios had positioned the deluxe physical edition of Baldur’s Gate 3 to arrive in the first quarter, but due to unforeseen production issues, the release was postponed initially to April or May for console versions. However, Larian recently updated Twitter that North American players who pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 version must extend their patience until July.

The delay stems from unforeseen production adjustments beyond the developer's control, necessitating adherence to specific manufacturing protocols for the PS5 discs. This adherence has unfortunately resulted in lengthy approvals for specific regions, much longer than Larian had anticipated.

According to Larian, all PlayStation 5 copies for North America should be completed within two weeks, followed by a subsequent 10-day period needed to begin distribution to the customers. The studio is also negotiating with the manufacturer to determine if hiring additional temporary workers could decrease assembly times.

Larian closed their statement by apologizing for the additional wait, acknowledging the anticipation of fans eager to delve into Baldur’s Gate 3. They emphasized their commitment to producing physical copies, aiming to capture the classic excitement of unboxing a new game, and assured that they would work more closely with their manufacturing partners in the future to better manage and streamline the production process.

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