33 Immortals Closed Beta is Live on Xbox Series X/S and PC

The highly anticipated cooperative game 33 Immortals, is currently open for a closed beta testing phase on Xbox Series X/S through Game Pass and on PC via the Epic Games Store. This preliminary access will be active until June 2nd, offering a unique opportunity for players to delve into its mystical and challenging world.

Developed by Thunder Lotus Games, 33 Immortals presents a gripping narrative where 33 condemned souls battle to evade their looming fate. Players start off dispersed across various challenging environments, striving to overcome obstacles that enable them to unite with others. Together, they engage in Ascension Battles, clashing with vast armies of foes, leading to a grand and formidable boss encounter.

Highlighting the scale of challenges within the game, a recent preview at last month’s ID@Xbox Showcase introduced the audience to Lucifer, one of the formidable bosses set in the fiery depths of the Inferno. Lucifer poses a momentous challenge that requires the coordinated efforts of all 33 players, making each confrontation a thrilling experience.

With plans to enter early access later in the year and an upcoming release on Steam, 33 Immortals aims to harness the power of community feedback. The development team at Thunder Lotus Games seeks to innovate and refine the game, creating an engaging experience that resonates with its players. Join now to be part of this evolving adventure and help shape the future of 33 Immortals.

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