Samurai Wish

Samurai Wish
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Samurai Wish Review

Samurai Wish is an app by Grégory Joerger. Samurai Wish was first published on . The app is currently available on Steam.


Based on the japanese folklore of the "wish trees",
you will have to grant the wish(moral or not) of anonymous people.
Select your mission in the order you want and slain your enemies.


Samurai Wish is a classic top down action game. It's fast, fun and it's a "straight to the core" experience.
The combat style is dynamic and intense. It's also challenging and requires reflexes.
  • Your Katana will let you dash at high speed.
  • Your Shuriken will let you shoot from long range.
  • In case of desperate situation, you will flee like a mist. (Or use your katana to deflect bullets :p)
  • Die, retry, die, retry with all the tools that let you play as you wish!
  • Approximately 4 hours for a first run. Let's try hard!


  • For those who love savagery and brutality.
  • For those who love "die and retry".
  • For those who love simplicity and efficiency.
  • For those who loved moral or amoral objectives.


    Here is the story of a samurai, borned in the Clan of the Wishmakers.
    He grew and learned the old art of fighting, increasing his strength and his agility.
    He fights for only one purpose: fulfill people's dreams.


    Listen to awesome hip hop beats (Samurai Champloo style).
    Feel the relaxing japanese music when it's time to have a break in your dojo.
    And for the bests, change your hat to impose your style.


    - 14 missions
    - 57 achievements
    - 15 hats to unlock
    - Dash to your enemies
    - Use your invulnerability spell to avoid death
    - Reflect the bullets to safely kill your foes
    - Snipe enemies with your shuriken and your Overview ability
    - Fast paced and dynamic gameplay
    - Scoring system
    - Awesome hip hop OST
    - Relax at your dojo

Design 7.9

Gameplay 8.9

Replay Value 7.6

The Conclusion 8.1

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